Moment Appreciation Jars: Train Yourself to Cherish Time.

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Present moment awareness is a cornerstone concept in the tapestry of mindfulness practices. It is the intentional focus of one’s attention on the here and now, acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations without judgment. However, maintaining such awareness in the constant rush of life can be a formidable challenge. It requires not only dedication but also creative tools that serve as aids in this quest. Among these, moment appreciation jars have emerged as an elegantly simple yet profound method for enhancing present moment awareness. Through the lens of moment appreciation jars, this article will delve into the myriad ways they cater to specific training problems and support individuals in their pursuit of a more mindful existence.

The Quest for Present Moment Awareness

The practice of being in the present moment involves a conscious effort to keep one’s attention on the unfolding of the immediate experience. Despite its benefits, such as improved mental clarity, reduced stress, and heightened enjoyment of life, the practice is often impeded by a number of challenges. Distraction, forgetfulness, and a lack of tangible milestones can discourage even the most earnest individuals.

This is where moment appreciation jars step into the picture. These jars, often seen as a mere decorative item, can be instrumental in training the mind to recognize and savor the beauty of now.

Moment Appreciation Jars as a Training Tool

Moment appreciation jars serve a dual purpose: they are a physical representation of mindful living and a practical tool for reinforcing present moment awareness. The concept is relatively straightforward – whenever one experiences a moment worth savoring, a brief note describing the experience is written down and placed in the jar. This act of noting and depositing serves several purposes in the context of training problems:

  1. Combatting Inattention: In a world awash with distractions, our attention is fragmented. Moment appreciation jars directly counteract this by providing a tangible reason to notice and document the present.
  2. Establishing a Ritual: The use of moment appreciation jars can become a daily ritual, anchoring one’s mindfulness practice and providing structure to what might otherwise be an abstract concept.
  3. Encouraging Positive Reinforcement: Seeing the jar gradually fill up with notes of appreciated moments serves as a visual and tactile form of positive reinforcement, encouraging the continuity of the practice.
  4. Enhancing Memory Recall: The act of writing and reviewing notes from the jar can strengthen memory recall and allow one to relive moments of joy, which can reinforce the habit of attention.
  5. Promoting Gratitude: The practice encourages gratitude by highlighting positive experiences that may otherwise be overlooked, contributing to overall emotional well-being.

The Science Behind the Practice

The efficacy of moment appreciation jars is more than anecdotal; it is rooted in established psychological principles. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and other therapeutic approaches leverage similar strategies of noting and reinforcing desired behaviors. The process of writing down and reflecting on positive moments can lead to increased neural activity in brain regions associated with positive emotions and reward, thus fostering a natural inclination towards present moment awareness.

Incorporation into Training Regimes

Moment appreciation jars can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of training contexts:

  • In stress management programs, participants can use the jars to note moments of relaxation or successful coping strategies.
  • In educational settings, students might jot down instances of achieved focus or comprehension to foster a positive learning environment.
  • In corporate workshops, employees may use the jars to document moments of collaboration or productivity, thus enhancing team morale.

Each note serves as a milestone, a tangible representation of progress, which is particularly beneficial in settings where improvement is otherwise challenging to quantify.

Beyond the Jar: The Ripple Effects of Appreciation

The implications of using moment appreciation jars extend beyond individual use. They can foster a culture of mindfulness within families, schools, and workplaces. Sharing moments from the jars in group settings can spread a contagion of positivity and present moment appreciation, reinforcing the practice within the community.

Mindful Consumption and Moment Appreciation Jars

In an age of mass production and consumerism, the choice of moment appreciation jars also embodies a statement. Opting for jars made from sustainable materials or upcycled goods reflects a mindfulness that extends to one's environmental impact, aligning the practice with ecological consciousness.

Limitations and Considerations

While moment appreciation jars offer numerous benefits, they are not a universal remedy. The practice requires consistent effort and may not be suitable for everyone. Some individuals may find other methods of cultivating present moment awareness more effective. It’s important to recognize that moment appreciation jars are part of a broader toolbox for mindfulness training.

Looking Ahead

The future of moment appreciation jars could see technological integration, such as digital apps that serve the same purpose for those who prefer virtual over physical notes. However, the tactile experience of handling the notes and the jar itself has its unique charm that technology cannot replicate.


Moment appreciation jars represent a tangible intersection between the age-old practice of mindfulness and everyday life. They offer a simple yet impactful method for addressing common training challenges associated with cultivating present moment awareness. In a world where time seems to slip by ever more quickly, these jars provide an anchor, a gentle reminder to pause, appreciate, and remain present.