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    Coaching for Leaders, Coaches, and Passionate Learners

  • Track One: Conscious Embodiment

    From unconscious defaults to somatic competence.

    Gain mastery over your psychosomatic states to sense deeply, release trauma, and design personal breakthroughs that last.


    Identify Your Somatic Defaults

    Who are you under pressure, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of your dominant mind-body archetype.


    Return to Center

    Develop the skills to move from anxious, stressed, and triggered to mind-body center - where senses are alive and the mind is clear.


    Somatic Shifting

    Cultivate all four mind-body archetypes, and learn to shift from center with conscious, embodied awareness and full alignment.

  • Coaching Consciousness

    Ok, sounds a bit woo woo, ya?

    Let's hit the why and the what of this to clear up any confusion.


    Our somatic coaching process is a subcategory of Weightlessness Training - a no nonsense, mind-body performance process that is responsible for staggering transformations around the globe. It's science based, heavily vetted, and minimalistic by design. But there's a problem...


    Despite cultivating Jedi-like skills of mind-body performance and control, some trainees fail to take conscious ownership of their newfound capacities. This is like upgrading to a Bugatti, but driving as if you're still in your old, beaten up pinto. As odd as that may sound... it happens. Learning to identify, organize, and integrate real capacities in the mind-body (those aleady present) is the stuff of coaching consciousness - a process where we unearth deep seated psychosomatic programs that dominate your day to day, for better or worse, highlight and practice alternative mind-body states, and move through personal stuck points to breakthroughs that last.


    It's a process of conscious integration and empowerment.

    How Does it Work

    And for the how...


    At some point in your life, through trauma, training, or conscious intention, you adopted one (or two) of four mind-body archetypes - grit, sensate, cerebral, fluid. These aren't mental states (or personality traits), they're psychosomatic states dominated by either the degree of tension (resistance) or the placement of attention (awareness). We all embody all four of them to varying degrees, but we married one of them out of necessity - to solve problems, avoid pain, or acheive a deep seated desire.


    While these states are maleable, your defaults are stored in your psychobiology, and dictate subtle nuances in posture (physical alignment), breath, eye placement, confidence, and personality under stress. Once we identify this, we can begin to both consciously develop the virtues of that archetype, so that it's no longer a liability, but a supreme asset, as well as cultivate the other three.


    And then... and then we use these in the real world to fight for what we love, feel more deeply and connect to those who matter, focus our attention on challenging tasks, and release those tensions and attachments that don't serve, and that divide us from the present moment.


    This is personal empowerment.

    This is leadership.

    This is purpose.

    Packages & Pricing

    Align: "I'm looking for a better understanding of myself, and a few breadcrumbs I take away to assimilate these insights."

    One Week: 1 Coaching Call + Text Support: $350

    Add 1 Follow-Up Coaching Call: $200 (1st Time Clients Only) 


    Center: "I'm anxious, uncertain, and stressed, and I know that can shift. I'm looking to find a greater sense of focus and peace, and not feel so controlled by externalities."

    3 Months: 6 Coaching Calls: $1650


    Shift: "I'm not where I want to be, physically or mentally, but I know my potential, and I can feel the difference in my potential if I stop living on auto, and start moving with conscious awarness."

    5 Months: 10 Coaching Calls: $2450


    Jedi: "I'm looking for that next level mind-body development and control. I want the hardware upgrade as well as the embodiment coaching."

    3 Months: Weightlessness Training + Somatic Coaching:

    Contact Me.


    For best results, one session per week is recommend. The timelines listed are package expirations.

    *Unused sessions are forfeited after indicated time period.

    A Note:

    This may not fit the mold for coaching processes you are used to. Many approaches lead with the assumption that coachees have the solution to their problems, and the coach's role is to act as wing person and sounding board to draw those insights to the surface. After nearly 30 years in the mind-body domain, and over 15 years coaching aggressive transformation programs, we feel that assumption is true, it's just not the whole truth.


    The other part of that story is very real capacity developed (or not) in the mind-body to resist stress, enliven the senses in the present moment, release imposed biases, and act with conscious intention. While much can be done through focused insight work, embodiment isn't merely a process of cognitive comprehension when times are easy, but of global awareness and control under a variety of circumstances. These could be considered both skills AND capacities, and there are paths that are more effective than others to cultivate, integrate, and manifest them in real time.


    Throughout the coaching process there may be recommend practices that help activate these capacities so that deeper work, experiential understanding, and a leveling up of mind-body control can take place. If we feel capacity is a limitation to the stages of coaching listed above, we may recommend a period of capacity building (explained below) in order to activate greater potentials - reslience to stress, active sensitivity, and conscious control over tension and attention in the mind-body.

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  • Track Two: Mind Body Capacity

    Upgrading the hardware through which you experience the present.


    Embrace Stress

    Build resilience to stress in the mind-body through strength and structural development, flexibility, and balance of tensional forces.


    Cultivate Sensitivity

    Learn to release tensions that inhibit sensation and stresses that inhibit clear, unbiased perception of the present.


    Embody Awareness

    Somatic experiencing and conscious awareness are no longer a thing of happy accidents, but of honed skill.

  • On Weightlessness (Mind-Body) Training

    Options for this range from a one week mind-body diagnostic and prescription to be executed over time, to fully supported mind-body transformation process covering the full Weightlessness Spectrum. Learn more about Weightlessness Training.